“I think as a child you are always drawing, colouring, and doing crafts, and that is totally normal, and seems to be like what you do as a kid. And I think what the – kinda the weird tragedy is when you become an adult, you “grow up” and lose that, you like stop creating you just stop involving yourself in the joy of colouring and creating and stuff...and I just feel like I was lucky enough to never really lose that.”  (Ed Templeton - Beautiful Losers, 2008) 

If we look for the definition of «art», we can find «the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power».
I am Giorgio, I am an artist, and I use the camera as my shouting megaphone.
Emotional power is what I strive for. 
You can say that my words are bold, especially when given in a world where everybody professes himself photographer, still it is a tough and humble urge to express ourselves, listen to each other, and learn. 
On my canvas you’ll find people, among their individuality, weirdness, and (im)perfection, shown only with true emotions.
Short bio:
2007 - Move to Vienna 
2008 - Purchase of the first DSLR; juxtaposition of a great mentor 
2009 - Start of the learning path at Prager Fotoschule Österreich 
2010 - First photography solo exhibition 
2010 - Start of the collaboration with a rock magazine as concert photographer 
2011 - Move to Shanghai 
2011 - Deep dive in the artistic scene M50 
2011 - Back to Vienna 
2011 - Publication of the first book 
2012 - Selection for the "Eyes on" event 
2013 - Move to Trieste 
2013/2015 - Hibernation and thinking time 
2016 - The photographic Renaissance 
2018 - Second photography solo exhibition «Flow» 
2020 - Publication of the work «Impermanence» 
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